I'm a final year thesis-based master student at Simon Fraser University, supervised by professor Manolis Savva. Currently, I am working in the GrUVi Lab of SFU with professor Manolis Savva and professor Angel Xuan Chang.

Prior to this, I received my Bachelor of Computer Science Degree from Shenzhen University. I am broadly interested in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, 3D Reconstruction, Reinforcement Learning, Embodied AI, and Robotics.


Received SFU Computing Science Graduate Fellowship.

Received Athena Pathways Scholarship.

Paper on Mirror Refinement got accepted at CVPR 2021.

Joining Simon Fraser University as a master student.

Received excellent thesis award from Shenzhen University.

Joining SenseTime Lab as a research intern.

Joining HKBU as a summer intern.

Paper on Gait Recognition got accepted at CCBR 2018.

Received National Scholarship from China Scholarship Council.

Find me on WeChat with the ID ChristinaTan0704, or scan my QR code:

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